This week I received some photos from a collaboration on Instagram with Samantha @zoeydeeandme.  Actually technically over the last few weeks as I sent her a couple of items to photograph, I'
 have been asked to do collaborations before and to be honest have been a little disappointed with results, just different ideas about styling I suppose ☹ not this time!!! Oh my goodness everytime Samantha sent me through pics I was over the moon! BEAUTIFUL check her out on Instagram.... here is some of her work (and some of mine).

Love making these bonnets and sundresses that showcase my (precious 😃) vintage florals. 

Thought I would share something that I have recently started to buy on my op shopping excursions, earthenware!!!  Currently have a pretty big draw of these gorgeous coffee cups, all mismatched and earthy, check out some of my finds below. Feel like this type of coffee cup keeps coffee hotter for longer? I could be wrong 🤔.

My kind neighbour gifted me a complete unused Temuka coffee set with sugar bowl, milk jug etc
For those of you who collect fabric (thats most people right 😂) its soooo hard when you have a tiny piece of beautiful fabric too small to make anything and too gorgeous to throw away!  This month I have found a way to use these up but also create something a bit special that may be passed around the family or displayed.

These are crafted these using the smallest pieces of fabric, rescued bias binding and thread (for hand sewing parts only as you cannot use it in  your sewing machine) it makes me happy to use up and create something that is in a very vintage style with actual vintage textiles.   I currently have some for sale in my etsy and felt shops if you still aren't feeling inspired to make your own 😊
Check out this cute print I bought for my sewing room I found the artist on Instagram and this one stood out because it had pohutakawa flowers  (I love that I bought a print with pohutakawa flowers from France 😂 

Artists shop and Instagram name is mymusecomesandgoes.  Her stuff is colorful and fun I'm liking one of her fruit prints for my next order!
After checking out new ottomans for quite some time now. I decided that recovering a secondhand one was the best option.  Whenever you choose to use and update something old or unwanted you get something unique, put some money back (if you go the op shop route) into the community and honestly if I had to spend the best part of $1000 on a new ottoman I would not be relaxed about food and drink on it 😂.  This is one I found at St Stephens op shop for $20.00 it was clean and solid so I stripped fabric off and recovered it.


No before and after sorry they were somehow deleted from my phone but I highly recommend this book that has many before and after pics to inspire you.  Perfect for beginners who want to give upholstery a go.

If you want to eliminate garden pests naturally without damaging your plants Runner ducks  could be your answer.  My youngest and I recently incubated some runner duck eggs it was a fun project for us to do together and we ended up with two ducklings from six eggs, this felt like a little miracle considering the eggs arrived in the mail but we put them in the incubator and 28 days later they hatched!   We have completely fallen in love with these ducks and have since added three more.... I can't say enough about how great they are!  Amazing for my vegetable garden (they eat snails whole), well behaved (we have trained them not to come on our deck so no duck poop issues).  Runner ducks are like the penguins of the duck world they walk upright which by itself is a good reason to keep them, it just makes you smile to see them move 😂 .  Apparently I can expect up to 300 eggs a year per duck once they start laying.

Just look at them! Adorable little gardening buddies. UPDATE! Although I took great care to protect them when they were younger it felt safe to free range them once they got bigger (they are quite large ducks) but a few days ago a hawk attacked one of the flock!  Duck in question survived (thank goodness 😟) but we are a little bit careful now about open paddocks.  In New Zealand probably the main risks are dogs, stoats and hawks something to keep in mind when planning their enclosure!

Spied this guy in the free softie box at a local op shop yesterday (note to self start checking in the softie boxes 😂) from what I know he is a Rushton  soft toy from the 50s or 60s.  I have been wanting one of these for a long time and thought I would have to buy one from overseas, so excited! He is huge! hopefully I may come across a few more before Christmas comes around again, fingers crossed!