This is the cutest vintage sun-suit for a family friends new baby. Would also look great in a floral print with elastic in the legs, next time.... 

It's planting time!! so this week my hunt was totally garden focused.  Having tried and failed many, many times to plant seeds directly into my garden beds I am now starting everything off indoors first.  These old bottles, boxes and baskets look better than just a mess of plastic pots on their own and it's easier to move them outside on the warmer days.

The bottles have hydrangea cuttings in them, not something I have tried doing in water before but hopefully it works, you can never have too many hydrangeas 😊

and I feel.the same way about old boxes.

This week was the start of spring so my finds were on point!  A gorgeous straw tote for summer and this granny square crochet blanket, I see these blankets all the time but never in the colours I want.  This one is so perfect with my couch it may stay put.

Kids rooms are so much fun to thift for  you can sneak in your own little piece of childhood nostalgia. Snoopy is a favourite, my son loves snoopy too.  This vintage alarm clock was a lucky find yesterday, from what I can google it's 1958 citizen?  If you look closely at the alarm button it has a paw imprinted.
"Good grief" so cute.
These old glass lightshades are quite easy to come by and the glass is so cool they deserve a second chance. To make your own just drill holes with a diamond drill bit (from Bunnings power tool area if in NZ), attach the chain (I used split pins) and insert some cheap solar path lights, (with the stake removed😊).  At this point I have not glued the solar lights in but probably will put just a few dots of glue on each to secure the light but also make them easy to change out.  Make sure to hang them a little way apart from each other for days when it is windy.

Tip : use spray bottle with water on the glass as you drill it helps speed things up a bit

Ok so despite slipping into 'a christmas decoration blog' territory I just have to post this week's find a green and silver tinsel tree, made in Henderson, nz, in perfect condition and still in the box actually I suspect the box may not have even been opened until today 

Plus ten vintage flocked santas from the 60s.

Loving the natural wooden bowls that are all the rage at present but not the big price tag of $50 plus!  This collection took me only a couple of weeks to put together and the most expensive bowl was $5.00.  When you are op shopping some for yourself (you know you want to ) don't be discouraged by scratches and scuffs just bring them home wash thoroughly with detergent, sun dry and rub in some olive oil 