Here some photos of one of my little coats from the very talented Samantha and Zoey I love her photos!

It's my favourite time of the year again so EXCITING!!!  Here are some of my new treasures and it's only just begun, most shops are not putting out Christmas until November so I am hoping to find some more great stuff this year.

A quick pop in to my favourite two op shops today while killing some time before an appointment resulted in this! Ceylon tea box and mystery box (has cool divided compartments in it) and once belonged to LJD 😂 I'm guessing. 

Quick wine barrel orb from wine barrels I ruined by not drilling drainage holes.  So happy it's not a total waste now....tutorial was from zestitup Here super easy!

This week I received some photos from a collaboration on Instagram with Samantha @zoeydeeandme.  Actually technically over the last few weeks as I sent her a couple of items to photograph, I'
 have been asked to do collaborations before and to be honest have been a little disappointed with results, just different ideas about styling I suppose ☹ not this time!!! Oh my goodness everytime Samantha sent me through pics I was over the moon! BEAUTIFUL check her out on Instagram.... here is some of her work (and some of mine).

Love making these bonnets and sundresses that showcase my (precious 😃) vintage florals. 

Thought I would share something that I have recently started to buy on my op shopping excursions, earthenware!!!  Currently have a pretty big draw of these gorgeous coffee cups, all mismatched and earthy, check out some of my finds below. Feel like this type of coffee cup keeps coffee hotter for longer? I could be wrong 🤔.

My kind neighbour gifted me a complete unused Temuka coffee set with sugar bowl, milk jug etc
Check out this cute print I bought for my sewing room I found the artist on Instagram and this one stood out because it had pohutakawa flowers  (I love that I bought a print with pohutakawa flowers from France 😂 

Artists shop and Instagram name is mymusecomesandgoes.  Her stuff is colorful and fun I'm liking one of her fruit prints for my next order!